Milanoo Begins Its Halloween Sale-Buy $120, Get One Free Costume.


Milanoo Begins Its Halloween Sale-Buy $120, Get One Free Costume.

Halloween is approaching – do you know what you’ll wear this year? Prominent online clothing wholesaler Milanoo is offering a generous seasonal discount on all their costumes – customers who spend at least $99 for any regular-priced costume item can use coupon code TUM10 to get $10 off. And with a purchase of $120, customers receive a FREE costume. This is a limited-time offer which ends September 15.


Literally hundreds of quality costumes in every style are available. At Milanoo, you’ll find cosplay outfits from popular manga and anima series, sexy adult costumes, terrifying horror ensembles, adorable children’s costumes and even hard-to-find oddities like the full body (including the head) monochromatic “zentai suits.” If you can imagine it as a costume or ever saw it in a movie, it’s probably available somewhere in Milanoo’s vast website catalog.

Milanoo has been a wholesaler powerhouse since its online launch in 2007. The company is based in Hong Kong and works directly with manufacturers in China to both design and produce its goods, meaning there are incredible discounts to be had on similar brand-name goods that appear in retail shops overseas. Essentially, the customer is the middle-man.


Milanoo’s amazing commercial success has come from both its low prices, its popular use of online coupons, its quality of merchandise and, surprisingly, its fashion sense. Milanoo is not a typical wholesaler in that they employ professional in-house fashion designers to create exclusive seasonal designs, based on the current fashion trends in color, texture and pattern. The company has expanded to the point that it is actually reversing the ongoing trend of brick & mortar retailers cutting their properties and relying more on internet retail sites. Milanoo recently opened its first showroom in France with a focus on wedding dresses, including bestsellers and those independently designed by Milanoo.

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