Messenger App Line Plans To Focus Upon a US Push for its App.


Messenger App Line Plans To Focus Upon a US Push for its App.

Japanese messaging application LINE has announce some plans to majorly push into the US market with a main focus on casual gaming, as it nears its 500 million registered user and rumors for a planned IPO continue to become stronger.


The company initially targeted the North American market during the previous year, although, as executives have commented, the focus was shifted upon the Latin America area in 2013 due to the “timing there was more critical”. Currently, Line is turning its attention back upon the US, where it believes that a combination of localized games, engagement from brands and, of course, stickers, something it highly advocates, can help break out in the highly competitive market.

Line’s social gaming platform allows user to share their acheivement scores with friends and connect with more than 30 different titles. It’s manage to gained an whooping 300 million cumulative downloads and is widely lucrative. Although its games have tending to focus upon genres main popular in Japan and Asia, where it enjoys its greatest engagement.

Park says a more Western-centric focus will emerge this year, in line with the growth of casual gaming worldwide.


Lane also plans to introduce other, non-gaming application targeted towards US user. Its new selfie sticker application, which was released during June, is the first in a series of launches led by the Line USA team. While the company has declined to disclose upon the downloaded numbers for the application, its been said to be “doing well.”

Line currently boast over 470 million registered user an, while it doesn’t provide active user numbers, the company has stated that it counts” well over” 10 million active users within the US. It’s difficult to gauge that against competition. With other companies such as Tango boasting over 50 million registered in the US, Kik and Snapchat are thought to have a similar number as well. Facebook is mostly likely ahead of all of them though.

The US push isn’y main focused upong games, Line als plans on working on its presence within mainstream media. It’s aired its very first US TV commercial earlier within this year and gained radio station Clear Channel as a content partner. It also sponsored TV Critics Choice Awards, and allowed messaging application user to vote in a newly-created set of pre-show awards.

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