I Mercury Capital Invests Into Taiwanese Recruitment Site Job178.


I Mercury Capital Invests Into Taiwanese Recruitment Site Job178.

The investment branch of the Japanese Internet company known as Mixi, I Mercury Capital, has recently announced that it has managed to invested a currently undisclosed amount into Taiwan’s Loyal Sun Holding, the operator of a Taiwanese  recruitment site known as Job178.

Before this recent round of funding, the Taiwanese company had manged to secure a funding round, the amount also being undisclosed, from Japanese companies Inspire and ICP during the previous August.


The company works by charging advertisers based on the a performance basis, the users will not have to actually need to pay anything if they don’t hire anyone utilizing this platform. As for those who are seeking for a job? They can get a cash reward from the company when they have successfully hired when using the platform.

The company has continued to rapidly increase and has acquired a total of more than 3,000 Taiwanese companies as their clients. These strategy’s are similar to that of the Japanese recruiting website known as Livesense, which has recently garnered some highly promising results in terms of acquiring both advertisers and job hunters.

Interestingly enough, Job178 has been leveraging the Line message application for marketing has successfully gain the attention of over more than 5.2 million user with their original Line stickers. Mixi has been running its very own recruitment website named ‘Find Job’, and has been considering the possible synergy with the Taiwanese job site.

These service can go along way in the Southeast Asian market, with the more and more people looking for jobs and businesses increasingly opening each year. The potential behind this can lead towards positive results for everyone who is involved in this link of work.

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