Memblaze to Showcase Revolutionary FlashRAID Solution.


Memblaze to Showcase Revolutionary FlashRAID Solution.

Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd, a leading provider of flash storage solutions optimizing applications for the enterprise, will be presenting its revolutionary FlashRAID solution at Flash Memory Summit, August 5-7, 2014 during the Enterprise Storage Track on Wednesday at 8:30am (PST).


FlashRAID is a revolutionary enterprise class PCIe 3.0 server add-in card capable of supporting up to 12 NVMe SSDs. Memblaze’s innovative Global Wear-leveling technology (GWL) sets FlashRAID apart from competing products by aggregating connected SSDs into a single large capacity, sustained low-latency, storage pool with uncompromised reliability benefits necessary in the enterprise. Because of GWL, FlashRAID is able to significantly prolong SSD endurance by 4X, reducing associated replacement frequency and costs while decreasing infrastructure total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Reliability is paramount in the enterprise. It’s not just about performance and price. Replacing prematurely failed SSDs comes at a significant cost – both materially and operationally,” said John Baskett, VP North America Business Development. “With the majority of flash technology alternatives in the market today, reliability continues to be a concern to enterprise IT professionals and has become central to the hesitation of the all-flash data center push. FlashRAID alleviates that concern by meeting enterprise class reliability standards with excellent performance. In addition, FlashRAID will provide competitive $/GB which will further decrease data center TCO.”

Memblaze FlashRAID Solution will be available in 3 capacity models: FlashRAID I, FlashRAID II, and FlashRAID III, each with 4TB, 8TB, and 16TB respectively. System capacity and robustness can easily be scaled with the addition of FlashRAID cards.

Memblaze will also be featured at the Storage Valley Supper Club VII event on Thursday, August 7th where John Baskett will discuss market trends and challenges in driving adoption the all-flash data center, Memblaze’s innovative product roadmap and the company’s recent expansion into the North America market.


Memblaze provides transcendent enterprise high-performance solid storage products and solutions in the field of virtualization, Internet, big data, and cloud computing. Today’s application workloads demand more of our infrastructures. Traditional storage devices are in the critical path, and struggling to meet this demand. Memblaze is committed to tackling this challenge by offering state-of-the-art, high-performance solid state flash storage products and solutions.

Memblaze is an innovative company. After 3 years of painstaking research by its two founders, the first-ever Native Hardware Flash Accelerator in the industry was launched. The new Hardware Flash Accelerator represents a greater improvement in framework than other Software Flash Accelerator by significantly reducing demand for host resources, improving both in performance and stability. Memblaze has been helping the top 50 China Internet companies alleviate their storage infrastructure bottlenecks in a variety of database, CDN, big data, virtualization, cloud computing application profiles.

Memblaze prides itself on its innovations and is committed to continue launching new products and technologies, setting new benchmarks in the fields of servers and storage in the future. Memblaze’s customers and partners can enjoy the benefits of lower costs made possible by the company’s innovations in the area of high-speed storage devices.

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