Measurabl And Urjanet Team Up on Big Data for Sustainability.


Measurabl And Urjanet Team Up on Big Data for Sustainability.

Measurabl, Inc., a SaaS solution for sustainability reporting, and Urjanet, Inc., the world’s first provider of automated big energy data, have recently announced their partnership. Measurabl will now utilize Urjanet’s big energy data to enable their customers to report more easily and accurately on their non-financial performance.

“I saw the pain and expense around sustainability reporting first hand, which discouraged companies from disclosing non-financial data and prevented them from seizing opportunities to improve their business,” said Measurabl Founder & CEO, Matt Ellis. “We partnered with Urjanet to make utility data easily available to all our customers and solve their upstream data management challenges in one fell swoop.”

Ellis is the former Director of Sustainability Solutions for CBRE – the world’s largest commercial real estate services company. His experience consulting on sustainability for Fortune 500 firms inspired him to create a simple way to disclose non-financial data. Now, leading real estate companies utilize Measurabl’s reporting tool for GRESB (which stands for the “Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark”) to track and disclose their sustainability performance.


By partnering with Urjanet, Measurabl users will have access to near real-time, big data services that automate the collection, normalization and delivery of data from more than 900 utility providers – and the list of utility integrations is growing rapidly. Instead of relying on data entry clerks to manually input data, Urjanet’s utility platform aggregates disparate data from thousands of sources – a capability around which companies such as Measurabl are building unique value.

“Sustainability will continue to be a top initiative for organizations across an array of industries,” said Urjanet’s CEO, Sanjoy Malik. “Through our partnership with Measurabl, we’re not only automating the acquisition of the required utility data, but also working together to help companies improve their energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.”

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