Mandalay Digital Forms A Partnership With SingTel.


Mandalay Digital Forms A Partnership With SingTel.

A Leading provider of mobile technology solutions, has recently announce that it has managed to expand its relationship with Asia’s leading communication group SingTel to include a direct billing connectivity with its DT Pay product.

“We are excited to further solidify our long-standing relationship with SingTel, Asia’s premier communications services provider,” said Peter Adderton, Chief Executive Officer of Mandalay Digital. ”The relationship will be extended to Digital Turbine’s other products including DT Ignite, DT IQ and DT Content Management.”

Mandalay Digital

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Digital Turbine, it provides a mobile solutions for wireless carriers globally to enable them to better monetize mobile content. The company’s product include mobile application management through DT Ingite, user experience and discovery through its DT IQ, application stores and content through DT Marketplace, and content management and mobile payments through DT Pay. The company is based in Los Angeles, with offices scattered through out the U.S, Asia Pacific and EMEA. Mandalay Digital solution are used by more than 31 million consumer during each month across a total of more than 20 global operators.


SingTel is one of Asia’s leading communication group that provides a portfolio of services that have included voice and data solution over fixed, wireless and Internet platforms, as well infocomm technology and pay TV. The Group has a large presence within Asia and Africa with a total of 515 million mobile customers in over 25 countries, these include Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. It also has a vast network of offices throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe and United states.

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