M1 Launches Its New Internet Service Plan For 1GBps and 10GBps.


M1 Launches Its New Internet Service Plan For 1GBps and 10GBps.

Singapore’s third largest telco, M1, has recently launched its 10GBps and 1GBps fiber broadband service for businesses. Known as one of the fastest in Singapore, the 10GBps plans to serve toward .enterprises with high-bandwidth demands such as data centers, financial institutions, and cloud service providers


Both plans have recently become available, and M1 has decided to not disclose the prices for the 10GBps service for the time being. Its 1GBps Plan cost a total of S$996 (USD$796) a month, and this includes up to 10 access points and public wifi for guests. The price matches M1′s legacy business internet plans.

“Our 10Gbps service is designed to meet these demanding requirements, with dedicated bandwidth, technical support and service level agreements,” says Mr Willis Sim, director of product development and enterprises services at M1.


Meanwhile, the 1GBps service is aimed towards small and medium enterprises(SMEs). Aside from these broadband plans, the carrier will also be offering other enterprises products like data center services and SaaS in storage, accounting and HR.


M1′s recent announcement is catching right on up with the upstart internet service provider MyReplublic’s own 1Gbps offering. Targeted towards consumers, it plans have been priced for a total of $49.99 a month.

Both MyRepublic and M1 are relying upon Singapore’s national fiber broadband network to empower these services. The network was laid by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.

Asia is increasingly continued to lead  the internet speed arms race, with Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea occupying it in first, second and fourth respectively. Singapore is in its sixthplace, but that may not last for much longer, especially with its plans for faster internet.

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