Locate Sporting Fans With Similar Taste as your own With SportMeNow.


Locate Sporting Fans With Similar Taste as your own With SportMeNow.

A sports locator service known as SportMeNow has recently launched in Singapore, amidst the soccer frenzy and craze of the World Cup 2014. SportMeNow, which was developed by Sixpack Apps, initially during 2013 with a core team of Honey Mittal, Ganesh Ramakrishan and Vinh le, who refer to themselves as the ‘strickers’ of this business.

The Story.

As a NUS Alumni, Mittal oversees product and global business development, while Ramakrushan leads the marketing and financial side.. Le has returned to Australia after having established a Singapore operations in order to set up the business and oversee acquisitions in Melbourne. Other joining members, whom the founder have described as their midfielders, are Vipin Ponnath and Ritwik Grover, who manages Operations and UI/UX, The defenders are Karthikc T and Mudasar Iqbal who perform coding and hacking duties.

Mittal, Ramakrishan and Le have often found themselves distressed when they a had to search around and check upon whterhet any sports bars, restaurants and cafes were currently television their favorite games. They only wished to watch sports with their firends and other like minded fans, as well as enjohying some good eatery and drinks. Although, locating such a place has required massive amounts of effort and times. In the end, the couldn’t find easily and on time.


SportMeNow was developed from their finite frustration with the current situation, eventually converging into a solution that had all aspects of a amazing sport social experience: favorite sport, favorite outlet, and amazing people. Realizing they could create a mutually beneficial solution to a problem that plagued two distinct, yet complementary market segments, they developed SportMeNow into a service that’s expanding into a variety of F&B outlets and carter tot he needs of sports fans similar to them.


At the moment, the business is currently serving in Melbourne Singapore, their mobile application for iOS and Android is released during this week, conjunction with the World Cup 2014 as it progresses into the quarter-finals. With plans to optimize the site for mobile use, as well as include more features such as the SportMeNow Fan Zone, the startup is quite confident on a continuous growth.

The business does have plans set for the future to expand towards Sydney, as well in to big cities within India such as Bangalore and Mumbai. Other regional cities based around the Asia Pacific that are intended for targets are Hong Kong, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. The USA and Europe are also potential location once the company plans truly begin to cement.


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