LinkedIn Includes Traditional Chinese For Languages Support in China.


LinkedIn Includes Traditional Chinese For Languages Support in China.

LinkedIn continues is mass expansion into Chin after have recently included Traditional Chinese onto its list of languages support for its services.


The company had rolled out its China-oriented site, which is available at during February. That’s is initially only covered Simplified Chinese, so the inclusion of the Traditional Chinese, which is mainly used in places such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, and by overseas Diaspora, is another step towards gaining traction among busienss professionals in the mainland, particularly those with overseas connection and works.

LinkedIn has a total of five million registered user based in mainland China, but its operation there have been critized during the past month for its mass censoring of messages related to the 25th anniversary of the Tiannanmen Square protest. LinkedIn has always maintained that adhering to censorship regulations is a mandatory part of expanding its business towards China, but the blocking of its content from user in China has nontheless drew criticism from many people.


Traditional Chinese is currently available on LinkedIn site, and it takes the number of languages support on the site up to 23.

With its previous censorship not only being in affected during the anniversary for the Tiannanmen Square protest, but of other accounts that have no related of being from china also have their content being blocked due to LinkedIn taking the censorship even further, It remains to be seen on whether the company will manage to continue to garner any sort of popularity  or simply fumble due to the negative image that recently started to encroach around their image.

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