Lines and Salesforce Form a Partnership To Connect Marketers With Users.


Lines and Salesforce Form a Partnership To Connect Marketers With Users.

During this year alone, it seems that marketers have begun to wizened up and seen the true strength behind mobile messaging, but at the moment, a complete integration for such a feature may not be a s simple as one has been made to believe. As of Recently, Salesforce has announced that it shall team up with LINE, the messenger application with over 450 million registered users, a move that’s objective is to make it much simpler for marketers to reach out towards customers through the use of the service.

Team up.

The partnership will show an all new mobile marketing develop by Salesforce’s ExactTarget Marketing Cloud that specifically tailored for LINE.

LINE already has a similar service in places already known as the LINE Business Connect, which provides a business-oriented API that includes features of Line’s official accounts, that companies are allowed to customize as they please. LINE stated that it ca be used to “enable targeted messaging or two-way communication with regular Line users.

Although, the company received some feedback that caused some concern on the scheduling delays and development cost coming from developing integration in-house to accommodate CRM on Line. This partnership with Salesforce shall see both firms “working together in the co-development and sales’ of ExactTarget Marketing Cloud instead, which shall offer a centralized management system for sending out messages and content towards the correct users at the right time for determining data such as the customer databases and browsing histories.


The cloud service will now integrate support for Line messages including to pre-existing support for email ,SMS and other kinds of electronical communication.

This simply means that moving forwards, baring the shoulders of expertise from Salesforce, companies will most likely find it much more easier to market on LINE and be more willing to include it on their portfolio. This would likely help LINE solidify their revenue stream from marketing and playing a part in the raising of its earnings, already Line has manage to generate a revenue of up to 14.6 billion yen (US$143 million) during its first quarter of 2014.

These recent development and introduction of Line Business Connect by using Salesforce’s ExactTarget Marketing Cloud shall firstly being within Japan, which has a total of up to 51 million registered LINE users at the moment. LINE states that it plans to launch the service towards more countries around the globe when it has monitored an increase in the usage of LINE as a marketing platform.

The development and introduction of LINE Business Connect using Salesforce’s ExactTarget Marketing Cloud will start first in Japan, which has over 51 million registered Line users currently. LINE says it plans to roll out the service in more countries around the world when it monitors an increase in the usage of LINE as a marketing platform.

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