LINE’s Pop-up Store Launching In Singapore Has Become A Mass Hit.


LINE’s Pop-up Store Launching In Singapore Has Become A Mass Hit.

Japanese Chat messenger LINE had originally announce that it has scheduling a launch for its pop-up store within Singapore during April 25 and lasted until May 18. Later on, the plans had been delayed due to logistical reasons. Afterwards, they had finally announced that their complications were over, the store would open during April 30 till May 22.

During its very first day, at 11 AM, the store, which is located just outside Wisma Atria along with Orchard Road, one of Singapore’s most hectic shopping districts, had garnered over 100 shopper in a queue just to enter the shop, according to a official spokesperson.


While its other Southeast Asian counterparts based in Indonesia and Thailand have gotten on the blip of Line for being exceptional markets in terms of engagement and user number, General Manager Simeon Cho, LINE Business Development Division, had stated that Singapore was a place to not be take lightly, even with its meager population of 5 million people.

The pop-up store launch is a perfect example. He further elaborated, “Singapore affects the neighbouring countries, like Malaysia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. … When you release a new feature, if it is successful in Singapore, you can tell that it will do well in other countries.”

He declined to disclose upon the logistical issues that were to be blamed for them firms previous postponement of the launch. Although, there will be even more announcements from Line with regards to promotional activities in the city-state, he stated..

“We cannot reveal the number Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) but definitely, Singapore has a higher spending power compared to other countries,” said Cho, “so if you look at revenue, ARPU, in LINE games, Singapore is higher than Malaysia.”

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