Line’s Line Rangers Surpasses 10million Downloads In 61 Days


Line’s Line Rangers Surpasses 10million Downloads In 61 Days

We all know that Line have been known for it’s instant messaging app and cute looking stickers. About 2 months ago Line released their strategy mobile game called Line Rangers. Today the company announced that the game itself surpassed 10 million downloads and achieved a very high amount of positive feedback and success.

line ranger

So what is Line Ranger? Line Rangers is a strategy game similar to tower defense, except it uses cute Line characters. The game is very similar to another famous tower defense game called Battle Cats. Line Rangers uses a more colorful interface, while Battlecats use a more sketchy art kind of interface. The game play is extremely similar and the goal of Line Rangers is to pass the level using the lowest amount of resources while staying alive.

The game itself is quite fun and addicting. More surprisingly, the game received more than 70% of its downloads from outside of Japan. Most of the downloads come from other parts of Asia such as Thailand. The game did so well that the company decided to promote it even further on TV. Line came out with it’s own television ad for Line Ranger and gained even more popularity through that.

Unlike in the West, most of the top mobile game development companies do quite well in Asia. There are a lot of in game monetization methods that consumers love to pay for such as in game life or items. Line is using Line Rangers to test the market in hopes to expand into the mobile gaming market as well. It seems that with this big amount of positive feedback, we will be seeing Line release more mobile games in the near future.

As of now, Line Rangers is available on both ios and google play store. Feel free to check out their short television advertisement below:

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