Line Rumored to go For An IPO, Naver States That Nothing Been Decided Yet.


Line Rumored to go For An IPO, Naver States That Nothing Been Decided Yet.

Operators behind one of Asia’s most popular mobile messenger application, LINE, has recently announced that it shall be taking its shares publicly during November of this year at the most earliest, originally reported by Bloomberg.


Although Naver Inc, The parent company that behind LINE, has denied any of these reports based on wrong information Bloomberg stated Naver’s Line of reviewing a dual U.S. and Japanese listing. The news report had estimated the valuation to be ranged some where around US$10 billion given that Facebook had purchased WhatsApp for a total of $19 billion, a similar service to that of LINE.

During a much earlier time in February, Bloomberg reportedly stated that Softbank, Japan’s second largest communication company, had offered LINE to take over all or parts of its shares. To this and the latest available report, Naver stated that these are groundless.

A Naver official spokesperson stated, ”The IPO for Line is under discussion within the company as one of the many possible options. Nothing has been decided as to the timing and what market to list.”


Naver’s Line has up to a total of 44o million subscribers all over the world. Japan has one of the largest number of subscribers totaling up to 50 million. Following in is Thailand with up to 22 million, Taiwan 17 million, Indonesia 17 million, India 16 million, and Spain 15 million. Meanwhile, Korea has been estimated to be around 10 million subscribers. Everyday an average of 800,000 to 900,000 new members sign up for the service.

LINE contains a sizable variety of revenue models through games and stickers. Recently it has manage to launch “Line Mall”, “Line Call,” and “Line Music” as a way to diversify their income streams.

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