LINE Has Recently Announced A Flash Sales to Happen in Taiwan.


LINE Has Recently Announced A Flash Sales to Happen in Taiwan.

It seems that as of recently, the Japanese messaging application, LINE,  has decided to try and expand its way into and e-commerce of sorts, with recent revealed news of the chat app will be having a flash sales within Taiwan. This was originally reported by the Focus Taiwan News report.


Line has decided to partner up with the Taiwanese e-commerce group known as Utox in order to developed their own m-commerce platform and will begin a pilot program with an assortment of consumer brands sometime during June 10. Items that shall be sold on its platform will include footwear, cosmetics, and Line’s own branded merchandise, though Line is searching for more brand partners, according to information provide by Focus Taiwan News.

With a total amount of 420 million registered users around the wold, Line has begun a flash sales within Thailand during the late previous year. Taiwan has become the second country the company has taken this concept into. The way this works out, is that users must opt in by following the flash sales accounts, so if they don’t interest the person then they won’t every come in contact with them.


At the moment, Taiwan is currently Line’s fifth-largest market with a total of 17 million registered user, following right behind Japan with 50 million, Thailand with 24 million, Indonesia with 20 million and India with over 18 million users.

Line hasn’t been the only messaging application to pull off one of these flash sales. Tencent’s WeChat has done a similar thing within China. Although, Line is also shopping for accounts for its user to follow and purchase items that are listed, as its molds itself into becoming a platform that not only used for chatting, calling, playing games and vending stickers, but a shopping places as well.

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