LINE Is Offering Free PSY Bundled Stickers, For Viewership Of His Latest Song.


LINE Is Offering Free PSY Bundled Stickers, For Viewership Of His Latest Song.

As of Recently, the ever popular Japanese messaging application LINE has manage to pull of quite an interesting, if not , genius move when it comes down to their latest stick packs. The chat application has recently released a free bundled based around PSY, whose best known for becoming a internet sensation with his hit song ‘Gangnam Style‘, however there is one quite interesting thing about the download method that can be labeled as unique.


Rather then users having to pacy for the pack or being able to download them immediately, Line has required for user to watch Psy’s most latest single, Hangover, which features Snoop Dogg, over at YouTube first. User can press the back button pretty much immediately to obtain the stickers, although user may have to stay throughout the entirety of the music video or at least wait long enough for the YouTube to register it as a view.

This recent move seems to have have a two fold plan, while most would think this could possible a simple strategy to show off the new single more intention lay beneath it. PSY has become massively popular thank to his Gangnam Style song, which has garnered over 2 billion views on Youtube, with this success launching PSY to become and international sensation, and replication those numbers would be quite crucial for his long-term career in West.


By subtlety pushing users towards PSY new music video, it makes it a worthwhile way for them to gain some view and develop a virality around the song. This is quite an interesting play pulled off by both Line and PSY, all that left is too see if whether fans are willing to follow through with it.

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