Line Is Getting Serious With Mobile Games, Released A Multiplayer Spears Game


Line Is Getting Serious With Mobile Games, Released A Multiplayer Share Spears Game

Previously we wrote about how the big mobile companies in Asia are getting more and more into mobile games. Another extremely popular game by Line called Line Ranger recently received over 10 million downloads. Just a few days ago, the same company released a multiplayer mobile game called Share Spears.

share spears

Typically we see most of the mobile games in Asia being casual and addictive mobile games. Usually players would compete with their friends on the leaderboard to see who can achieve the highest score. Share Spears is a little bit different. Share spears allow you to go into a battle or duel mode with your friends through the Line Instant messaging platform. As long as your friend is online, you can challenge him to a spear duel! Check out a demo video here:

The more battles you win in the game the more experience points you gain and the higher level you get. You play the game by holding your mobile phone like a game controller and using your left thumb to control the spear. Your right thumb will be used for controller a shield. All of these can be configured in the settings menu. This is a real time spear battle game. You can also choose to play against AIs for practice or search for random players around the web to duel with.

I personally feel that the graphic of the game looks really nice and the whole game play concept is pretty awesome for a mobile game. I’ve never personally experienced any lag issues or connection problems, but I’m assuming this can occur or a lot of disconnections may happen if you are on a bad network.

Share Spears make money by using the typical in app purchases model. In order to buy better equipment and upgrade your stats, you will need to purchase those items through the game store. There are also potions that you can buy at the game store for you to use during your battle.

I do see this becoming an extremely popular game with more features, items, and updates in the near future. This is a big step for gaming companies who wants to create a full MMO game for mobile systems. The game is avaliable in both Android and ios.

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