Line Celebrates Its Third Anniversary and 1 Billion Downloads.


Line Celebrates Its Third Anniversary and 1 Billion Downloads.

Anyone who uses or has read up on the Japanese messaging application known as LINE has seens its quite ingenious ways of engaging their 450 million and so registered user, it has created a revenue around the concept of stickers and eventually launched the idea of altering the stickers on its platform by creating a marketplace for anyone to create and sell their very own stickers.


This has allowed the application to continue interacting with its user and keep a steady flow of revenue. Line has sold over $10 million worth of stickers per month. Although, most people might think of stickers mainly when it comes to lines, it does have games connected to the application as another key revenue maker. They tend to make up for a 60 percent of Line revenue, though the company has not fully given out detailed information on its figure during the first quarter of 2014 that saw it garner a total sales of 14.6 billion yen ($145 million).

Line has been around for three years and as of recently it has unveiled more information on its ecosystem made of up 63 application that have manage to accumulate a total of 1 billion downloads in total to date. Among these, 13 of them, besides line, have manage to surpass over 10 million downloads.

Line Apps Chart As it turns three, Line reveals its family of apps has chalked up over 1 billion downloads

Specifically, Line Camera, the photo application that goes along swimmingly with the entirety of Line, has manage to rise up to a total 90 million downloads, soaring steadily form the 50 million it had reached during the previous September.

As Line points out, its catalog of applications cover “needs for communication, digital content,game, tools, media and much more” speaking to the company’s ambition of becoming so much more than just messageing service. Given that every application can effectively integrate with the main chat application, this makes it easier for user to tell their friends about the other application, forming a sort of organic marketing.


Line has shown how far they have been willing to expand their messaging platform by extending as many of its application and services, and eventually developing a cohesive stream of revenue from a variety of sources. Another avenue the company’s ambition is rising up in the e-commerce. Line has revealed on going plans to hold a flash sales within Taiwan sometime this year, the second country to receive the service right behind Thailand.

The next move for Line is to completely globalize their entirety. It has already manage to gain a foothold of success within Asia, with  its top five market within all the region of Japan, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Taiwan, but gaining traction within markets such as the US and in Europe shall continue to be an ongoing challenge for them.


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