Line Begins To Expand Its Creator Market Towards Other Countries.


Line Begins To Expand Its Creator Market Towards Other Countries.

After successfully gaining more than over $1.5 million within revenue during its fist month alone, Japan-based messenger application LINE has decided to extend its sales of its user-generated stickers initiative, Creator Market, out of its only place in Asian and head towards the US, UK, Brazil and six other countries.

Sticker Pack.

This recent initiative allows for independent artist, or pretty much anyone person, to create animation for sticker pack which, if they manage to gain approval, are sold across Line’s messaging service for its 470 million registered user. Creators will keep a total of 50 percent of the proceeds, the rest shall go to the application store gatekeepers, Apple or Google and of course, Line.

Sales had first being within Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, and the initiative garnered over 100,000 creators and 14,000 sets, currently the company is increasing its business up. Line generates over $10 million per month alone from simply selling stickers, it stated that user send over 1.8 billion each day.


A total of 1.7 million sets have been sold and a total revenue of JPY 150 million was achieved within one month after the stickers went on sale on May 8. Creator sticker have been sent over at least 81 million times among Line users, and have increased to become a brand new method of expressing one self for creators around the globe in this smartphone are that’s reached the same levels as photography, film, writing and applications.

This recent news of event comes along after Line’s recent celebration of not only its third anniversary for the application run, but also with a 1 billion download when it comes down to the entirety of Lines ecosystem of apps.

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