Line App Messenger Urges To Change Passwords After Recent Account Hacking.


Line App Messenger Urges To Change Passwords After Recent Account Hacking.

Japan’s Popular mobile messenger application known has LINE, which contains over hundreds of million of user all across Asia, has recently began to urge its users to change their password as Japanese police investigate the hacking of over hundreds of accounts.

Hacking Case.

At least a total of 303 cases of unauthorized access has been confirmed to have happened during the late May and June 14, including over three that involved cash trades resulting in financial loss, stated  a Line Spokesman after being probed for information, but not providing further details.

‘We are co-operating with police in investigating the cases, and we are calling for users to change passwords,’ the spokesman said on Thursday.

The accounts that were hacked “presumably after shared password with other online services were leaked somewhere else,” he stated, further elaborating that to the company’s current Knowledge, all the breaches had solely occurred within Japan.

A polices spokesman commented that the case is under going heavy investigation.


Initially launched during 2011, Line currently has over more than 400 million user, mainly based within Japan and mainland Asia, and is rapidly increasing its base of operation.

This service allows their user to make free calls, send instant messages and post funny photos or short videos, combing attributes from Facebook, Skype and messaging application of WhatsApp.

Line has manage to ink up some highly important partnership with football clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, brands such as Coca-Cola and tennis start Rafael Nadal. FC Barcelona, for example, has home pages on the applicatioh which contains of ver million of friends.

One of Line’s main revenue sources is their stickers, highly entertaining cartoon figures that user can post and send to their friends.

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