LINE Has Announces The Closing Of 20 Game Titles.


LINE Has Announces The Closing Of 20 Game Titles.

Japanese Messaging company LINE has recently announced a significant termination of its mobile gaming application that will have over one-third of its titles for its gaming platform scatter into the winds. Line has closed some game previously, but the fact that it shutting down a large amount in a single blow is a first for the Japanese based-firm.


Gaming has been one of the most important aspects that has made up of 60 percent of LINE’s revenue, which had stood at $143 million for its recent quarter, with in-app purchases being one of their key features. Part of LINEs successful endeavors come form known which games are trending and making the most money per user, so it makes sense that it would discard those who have lost their freshness or were never popular with its 400 million plus registered user.

During a brief released statement, the company said that it ” hopes to focus on its resources on titles that are enjoying greater growth in order to further to propel the service as a global gaming platform.”

One of its successful examples would be its LINE Cookie run, which during the past week gained over 30 million downloads on iOS and Android thanks to strong adoption within both Japan and Thailand.


Moreover, Line offers more than 50 application and games that connect with its main messaging application to share scores and battle friends, but from on wards today, the following titles will no longer be given support:

  • Line Paladog
  • Line Touch
  • Line Elgard
  • Line Neko Copter
  • Line IceQpick
  • Line Birzzle
  • Line Birzzle Plus
  • Line Birzzle Friends
  • Line AirPenguin
  • Line Twinbee
  • Line Slimeshot
  • Line DROP Spirit Catcher
  • Line Dash Girl Rubies
  • Line Fly! ANIMAL Rubies
  • Line MapleStory Village
  • Line Fluffy Diver
  • Line Let’s Golf
  • Line Patapoko Animal
  • Line Cartoon wars

LINE has given their promise that user with currently existing credit in these shuttered games shall receive their money back, but it hasn’t been made clear on whether they place to replace these 20 titles or continue with their current assortment of games.

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