LG Uplus Succeeds During Their First LTE-A 3-band Carrier Aggregation Pilot Run.


LG Uplus Succeeds During Their First LTE-A 3-band Carrier Aggregation Pilot Run.

LG Uplus has recently announced that they have managed to  succeed in their pilot service for the LTE Advanced three-band carrier aggregation, the service is four times much faster then their regular LTE service. The company has revealed LTE-A technology that allows the aggregation of over three component carriers utilizing three different bandwidths sizes those being, 2.6GHZ, 800 MHz, And 2.1 GHZ, to offering speeds that total up to 300 Mbps.

LG Uplus has succeeded in the pilot service of LTE Advanced three-band carrier aggregation, the service four times faster than the regular LTE service. (image: LG Uplus)

Test Run.

This is quite an outstanding milestone given that it was implemented on the network currently in use by actual customers, instead of doing it in a controlled lab environment. With the success of the pilot test, LG Uplus shall be able to offer a much faster LTE service than its rivals within areas where broadband LTE service are available. Once a smartphone is to support the three-band carrier aggregation technology is out, the company shall provide the service immediately.

The very main reason LG Uplus is able to offer this kind of technology much earlier than other mobile services operators is due to the fact that it contains the largest number of 80-MHz LTE bandwidths. Although it takes at least over one year to develop and commercialize the three-band carrier aggregation technology, LG Uplus could shorten the development time down to six months by continuous R&D efforts.

Choi Taek-jin, LG Uplus’ SD Division head in charge of technology strategy, said, “The successful completion of the pilot run is proof of our prowess in next-generation network capabilities. Thanks to our effort in three-band carrier aggregation, we won an award in the wireless network innovation category in the GTB [Global Telecoms Business] Innovation Awards 2014 held in London last month.”

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