LG Uplus Constructs the World’s First “Uplink CA” Technology.


LG Uplus Constructs the World’s First “Uplink CA” Technology.

With their schedule being a head of time with the nationwide deployment of broadband LTE-A service, LG Uplus has successfully developed the world’s first Uplink Carrier Aggregation technology that provides four times faster upload speed than LTE. The company stated during June 18th that it has manage to complete the pilot run on the uplink CA technology with an upload speed of more than 100 Mbps by combing 2.6-GHz broadband frequency with 800- MHz LTE nationwide network frequency.


Comparing to the upload speed of up to 25 Mbps with the bandwidth of 10 MHz under the current LTE service, the new uplink Carrier Aggregation can offer a total of 100 Mbps by adding the 20-MHz broadban and 10 MHz LTE bandwidth.

Once this CA technology is able to be commercialized, mobile device user will be able to upload an 800 MB mobile in only under 64 seconds and store on the cloud servers up to 150 5MB high quality photos in not less then one minute. At the moment, it takes a total of 4 minutes and 16 seconds to upload the same-size movie file on the LTE network.

The development of the CA technology done by LG Uplus is a meaning ful not just because the company has manage to succeeded in developing all sorts of new technology but also because it has upgraded the level of Korea’s mobile telecom technology commensurate with the nation’s status as the worlds best IT country.


The company has plans set out to complete the standardization of the CA technology by September during this year by proposing its to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

Choi Taek-jin, LG Uplus head of the SD Technology Strategy Unit, said, “LG Uplus has so far led the market in the competition for LTE technologies and it will do the same for the next-generation LTE network technologies as well. Following the commercialization of the world’s first three-band CA network, we will open the era of 300-Mbps download and 100-Mbps upload speed through uplink CA.

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