LG Partners Up with McAfee To Integrate Anti-theft Features On G3 Phones.


LG Partners Up with McAfee To Integrate Anti-theft Features On G3 Phones.

As smartphone and mobile devices in general continue to become more affordable for people to purchase, the increasing changes of its being targeted by malicious groups of people to steal and resell them become quite prominent. Although, recently Lg has decided to try and find a way to prevent all of this evil nonsense with its recently successful G3 smartphone.


LG’s latest flagship line of smartphone, the G3, was recently revealed at London during the late previous month, and currently the Korea firm is creating a partnership with McAfee to introduce an anti-theft feature to device. This arrives in the form of a Kill Switch that allows the user to disable their phones remotely in the case of it being lost or stolen. The software will wipe out every single content, so any personal information will not be compromised by any malicious individual.


This partnership shall also see the G3 come along with a pre-installation of McAfee Mobile Security application that shall provided the latest defenses against viruses, data backup, remote lock and wipe and remote tracking service that shall last for up to five years with no additional cost. Every other LG user can download the application for free on the Google Play store.

McAfree Mobile security shall also feature a screen lock on the LG device that blocks out factory reset and rooting attempts, requiring password authentication, and can controlled by the user not only from the device, but also web console.

All of these features shall be provided by LG and their partnership with McAfee, to ensure their customers have the best possible protection against anything that may put them into any sort of deep danger.

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