LG Launches Their Wearable Fitness Device, The LG Lifeband Touch.


LG Launches Their Wearable Fitness Device, The LG Lifeband Touch.

With a finesse for showing their customers the accuracy and comfort shout not have to be sacrificed in order to look stylish, LG Electronics shall introduce its first fitness wearable device towards consumers beginning sometime this month.


LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones offers a practical feature and the most accurate data gathering and analysis that is current available, making it much simpler for users to take control of their health, Both device can be utilized wirelessly connected onto most of today’s popular mobile devices to create a full-featured wearable ecosystem.

The LG Lifeband Touch shall features a bright, touch capable OLED display that provides and easy, real-time access to a full range of fitness data for wearers can keep a track of their ongoing progress and adjust their workout plans accordingly. The lightweight and simple to use, a unique motion-sensing algorithm automatically turns on the displays when wearers move their wrist around.

The Works.

The Lifeband Touch comes with two featured sensors, a triple-axis accelerometer and an altimeter, that collaborates to provide the most accurate data during real time. Even more, The Lifebad Touch allows the user to check for any incoming calls or messages and control their music playlist on their smartphones, keeping wearers connected while delivering an uninterrupted workout regimen.

The devices is also compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and has been designed to work compatibly with the LG Fitness application as well as popular fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and MapMyFitness.

It also comes with a long lasting 90mAh batter that is good for a total of five days between use of charges. And unlike other wearable fitness device that have been fashioned to be “one size fits all” the LifeBand Touch will arrived in three different sizes for the most comfortable fit possible.

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