LG G3 Image Leak Gives Us a Sneek-peek at Its Rear-mounted Buttons.


LG G3 Image Leak Gives Us a Sneek-peek at Its Rear-mounted Buttons.

Details on LG’s upcoming 20114 flagship LG G3 smartphone has recently been leaked at a very face pace. The first image of the smartphone has just recently leaked.

Rear Buttons.

When LG had originally launched LG G2 during the previous year, the company had introduced what appeared to be some very weird button arrangement. LG designed the G2 to be an extremely thin smartphone, so instead of placing the power and volumes buttons on the G2, LG chose to place them behind the smartphone. LG believes that by transferring the buttons to the back, users will actually have more control on using their smartphones since their fingers naturally rest within that position while being held.

LG G3 leaked image

GSM Area were the first one to receive a shot of the what has been reportedly said o be the LG G3. The Image is the typical dark and blurry and variety and it only reveals the rear of the smartphone. LG has redesigned the rear buttons with round shapes compared to the LG G2 rear buttons.

The publication has claimed that there are some kind of sensor located next to the rear camera on the LG G3. It was believed the sensor was for a second LED flash, but the image has revealed that this may not be the case.


From what is currently known about the Lg G3 will be one of the very first smartphone to ship out with an Ultra HD display that will have a resolution of 1440 x 2560. The display will receive a bump in size from G2”s 5.2 inch display to a 5.5 inch on the G3.  The handset is expected to be powered by a 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM. Its camera capabilities are to have included a 16-megapixel rear shooter with optical image stabilization and a 2.4 megapixels front facing camera.

The LG G3 will be expected to also include a 32GB of internal storage and microSD expansion slot that will allow it to support a total of 64 GB microSD cards. The smartphone will be running on Andriod 4.4.2 once its launched and a new version of LG’s Optimus UI.

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