LG G3 Global Launching Begins During June 27th.


LG G3 Global Launching Begins During June 27th.

LG’s highly anticipated flagship, which has unsurprisingly become extremely popular and seen some great sales in Korea, shall soon be launching in areas of the world. The LG G3 will make its first pit stop at Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines starting this Friday, before heading out to the rest Asia, Europe, and the Middle East sometime in July.


The LG G3 is definitely is one piece of beauty, with its stylish synthetic brushed metal back cover and rear control buttons. It’s also a smartphone that is completely worth salivating over in both hardware and software, the latter in which user will especially favor for less modified Android versions. It’s makes complete since when one finds out that the LG has reportedly sold over 100,ooo units in Korea during the first week of its release into the market.

As for Europe and Asia, LG has been advertising the fact that the LG G3 will be featuring wireless charging capabilities. We do wonder whether that means that other markets, such as the US, will not have the privileged to these neat features. The smartphone is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard, and so compatible with many charging plates already out there in the market. But of courses, LG would rather perfre for user to buts its own “stand-type charger, which is quite unique in itself in the sense that it won’t require their phone to lie horizontally flat.

LG has yet to unveil when the G3 shall arrive tot he US markets, though some carries have noted down to be a late June launch, which is increasingly extending as time goes by. Pricing details have not been disclosed, and the company stated that those will be revealed when in the local markets once they’ve launched.

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