LG Electronics Succeeds in Winning their Knock Code Patent with KIPO.


LG Electronics Succeeds in Winning their Knock Code Patent with KIPO.

A security solution by LG Electronics for its smartphones such as the LG G Pro 2, “Knock Code” has recently earned a patent from the Korea Intellectual Property Office, under the registration number of 10-1404234). This is quite the meaningful milestone for the company as the patent proves the technology’s novelty. The company has applied for technologies related to Knock Code since the year 2007.


LG Electronics integrated the feature on the G Pro 2 launched earlier during this year for the very first time, followed by all other subsequently launched smartphone models including the G2 and G Flex. The company plans to develop the code, a two to eight tap pattern that user can create in order to unlock the phone, as it representative user experience.

Knock Code has been known for its performance being better than any other security solution using number typing or pattern drawing as it can turn on the device and unlock the phone during the same time. The user can go to the home screen with a few touches and from a turned-off screen.


The password may be typed in three to eight digits, with a total number of combinations reaching more than 80,000.  As it leaves no visual trace of the numbers that inputted and cannot be easily collected by malicious hackers, it quite the excellent security system.

During the last previous year, LG Electronics completed its patent application process with the “Knock-on”function that was integrated for the first time in the G2, under the registration number 10-1359233.  Knock-on is a feature that allows the screen to turn on or off with two knock on the screen. The company has applied for patent for both Knock Code and Knock-on technologies for North America and Europe.

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