Level Money Announces The Release of Their New Feature, Level Goals.


Level Money Announces The Release of Their New Feature, Level Goals.

The mobile-first financial service company, Level Money, has recently announced the newly integrated feature, Level Goals, on to its flagship Android application. The saving specific tool draws a direct line from members daily actions to their goals allowing them to see how they can save over times for items they wish to purchase.

Level Goals.

The Level Goals offering enhances Level Money, a free application that transforms the  smartphone into a mobile money meter and allowing members to easily track  their spending in real time. The new savings tool is launching on the  Level Money Android app first, with iOS coming soon.

Level Money members are encouraged to designate a specific percentage  toward savings at the start of each month through the already-existing  “Autosave” feature. Recently, with Level Goals, they are also able to set up  savings goals for specific items – from a summer vacation to a favorite  pair of shoes or a home down payment – roll over unspent money directly  towards those savings goals, and watch the money accumulate. With this  new tool, Level Money is helping members clearly see the benefits of  positive spending behavior.

“The hardest part of savings is getting started. The second-hardest part  is actually sticking with your plan,” said Level CEO and Co-Founder Jake  Fuentes. “With Level Goals, we have created the easiest, simplest way to  start saving and make progress, automatically. We draw a straight line  from everyday decisions to long-term achievement. Just set a goal,  monitor your everyday spending, and achieve balance. It’s as simple as  that.”

Key features of Level Goals include:

  • Customized goals profile: Members can designate specific items  they want to save for, and these items are added to a customized  goal’s profile showing the total amount needed to save. From there, a  member can add a photo of the item they are saving towards to stay  motivated and visualize their success.
  • Automatic “rainy day” fund: Since it’s important to save for a  rainy day, Level Money calculates a smart suggestion for a “rainy day”  fund goal, with a recommended amount based on income.
  • “Rollover” funds towards your goals: At the end of each month,  Level Money informs members of how much spendable income they have  leftover after everyday expenses. Level Money members can then put  this “rollover” towards their personalized goals, designating exactly  how much money they want assigned to each goal.
  • Tracking success: When members accomplish a goal, Level Money  rewards them with positive feedback. Level Money remembers when a user  sets and completes a saving goal, showing how much they saved and how  fast they saved.
  • Social sharing: Establishing a social support system can help  people achieve their goals. Level Money members are offered the option  to share their savings accomplishments with friends to help stay on  track.

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