Korea’s SK Planet Teams up With IBM Cloud to Expand Oversea’s on SoftLayer.


Korea’s SK Planet Teams up With IBM Cloud to Expand Oversea’s on SoftLayer.

IBM has recently announced that KS Planet, a leading Korean Information and Communications Technology company, will be expanding its services oversea’s and create a presence within the Turkish market on the IBM Cloud.

SK Planet’s mobile messenger application TicToc, created on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from SoftLayer, an IBM Company, has witnessed rapid growth, register over 1 million customers within three months of its launching in Turkey.


A wholly owned subsidiary of SK Telecom, SK Planet offers a large assortment of services such as digital content, e-commerce advertising and marketing solutions. TicToc is global messenger service that allows the user to easily and conveniently share their photo video, MP3 and documents files stored inside their mobile phones.

Ever since its launching back in 2011, the number of TicToc subscribers in Korea has soared up to 15 million. During November 2013, the service was launched in Turkey as part of the company’s global expansion and the service has been quickly growing ever since then.

The main importance to efficient mobile messenger service are low latency and service stability. TicToc needed a cloud service with high performance, high availability and lowest latency in order to provide fast and stable service.

SK Planet's mobile messaging application sees rapid adoption in Turkish market (image: SK Planet)


SK Plant selected SoftLater as its cloud infrastructure provider to help optimize TicToc’s fast growing international operations, SoftLayer not only has a international network and data center in major cities but also the only merchant in the industry to provide bare-metal servers on demand, which perfectly supports TicToc’s workload requirements.

“At SK Planet we saw an exciting opportunity in expanding our presence to a fast growing market like Turkey. We needed a technology partner that has the right capabilities to support our rapid expansion plans without compromising the customer service quality. We found a perfect match in SoftLayer’s cloud solutions, which ensured that we are able to offer our service with higher speed and greater stability, as compared to competitors,” said Jihyun Choi, Producer of TicToc Service at SK Planet.

SoftLayer’s bare-metal technology helps secure high performance and high availability cost-effectively without directly managing data centers overseas.  For TicToc service, SK Planet is using bare-metal servers at the SoftLayer Amsterdam data center and has been maintaining the TicToc service stably and seamlessly.

“TicToc’s success in the Turkish market demonstrates how cloud can enable local companies to compete and grow in the global arena. SoftLayer, with its differentiated service offerings and data centers across the globe, is helping hundreds of customers expand their global footprint. It has been a fascinating to work with SK planet and be a key contributor to its global aspirations,” said Seungmin Kim, SoftLayer Business Executive, IBM Korea Global Technology Service.

SK Planet’s TicToc started to provide the PC version in April to enhance the convenience of users. Furthermore, the new service integrated with DropBox application will be launched this month to allow easy sharing of every kind of file formats on TicToc.

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