Korea’s Mobile Gaming Industry Raises The Stakes For High Quality Games.


Korea’s Mobile Gaming Industry Raises The Stakes For High Quality Games.

The mobile gaming industry has continued to raise the stakes when it comes down to high-quality games with astonishing graphic effects that can hitherto be shown on similar to the likes of desktops or video consoles.

Casual No More.

According  the industry, casual mobile games have become really popular in Korea, since its the launching of Anipang back in 2012, having officially gone out of fashion, as high-quality games hit the market. Consumers who have been tired of the over-saturation of casual games seem to be more interested in the recent sophisticated invasion.

One particular game by the name of “Blade” by 4:33 which has reached high ranking for Free Apps and Best Sellers, becoming the center of this storm. Launches on April 21, Blade is an action RPG in which Unreal Engine 3 was used to recreate the best game graphics every and elaborate controls.

“Archspear” by WeMade Entertainment, which had come out for free on April 13 has come out roaring with success after experiencing a server malfunction due to an excessive number of user in a single day. Archspear offers a party play mode in which group of friends can play together in real time, along with overwhelming volumes of contents which includes a large-scale field hunting and group battle system, 4,000 items and more than 1.600 quests.

The game also features a chatting feature and has enhances accessibility by incorporating various log-in accounts which include WeMade ID, Facebook, Naver and Google+


The Number 1 game company in Korea, Nexon, has not been so fortunate with mobile games, recently game up with a high-quality mobile game titled ‘Legion of Heroes.” The new game features massive fantasy storyline, strategic aspects of turn-based battles and brilliant graphics. Nexon has perfected the quality of it since unveiling the game title during last years September through five beta tests.

Netmarble, which has gain recognition from its presence in the mobile game market several times already, has taken off its boxing gloves ones again, During April 29th, it began a closed beta testing for its first mobile MMORPG “Dragon Guard for Kakao.” The game offers 100 vs 100 large scale battles, real-time duel between users and party quests.

With its previous well know hits which have included “Monster Taming for Kakao, “Together Dungeon King for Kakao’ and “Seven Knights for Kakao,” the industry and game lovers are waiting for the new game with great expectations.

An industry insider said, “The mobile game trend has already been moving from casual games to high-quality games; hence, the success of a game maker depends on whether it can dominate the market in that category.”

Casual mobile games have officially gone out of fashion as high-quality games hit the market. (image: Nexon)

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