Korea’s Leading The Way for Appcessories and Internet of Things.


Korea’s Leading The Way for Appcessories and Internet of Things.

The leading wireless telecom operator based in South Korea, Is reportedly interested in stepping up their “appcessories” business. “Smart Beam”, a compact beam projector and its flagship brand in the appcessories business main choice. Riding on the wave of the increasing tsunami of outdoor leisure sector, the projector has recorded a garnered cumulative sales of over 80,000 one so far, raising the prospects on a new flow of revenue streaming beyond its currently traditional business


With the amount of Korea’s project market being around 100,000 units per year the sales for the Smart Beam seemed to have fared pretty well. The company secured an export deal to supply over 8,000 units of Smart Beam towards seven different countries, these include Germany and Japan during the previous year, and sign up another export contract for 5,000 units with a Brazilian retailer during this year.

SK Telecom’s smart learning devices have gained some traction as well, Atti, Innovative kids learning robit which was revealed during the MWC 2013, will be marketed towards Spain through Telefonica, the leading wireless carrier in the country. SK Telecom also succeeded in exporting 1,000 robots France.

LG Uplus cam up with own answer by launching the Home CCTV, a rotating HD closed-circuit TV controlled remotely with a smartphone, during the previous year. LG Uplus is expected to garner a further increase by its recently introduced “Home Boy 2.” Home Boy 2 makes the best of G Pad features, allowing for a variety of function which include the telephone, audio, TV, e-book and security, especially popular among the “solo” consumer since the system is optimized for a single household.


At the moment, KT has also recently announced that it would be expanding upon IoT business by focusing on the environment, security and health sector in order to take the leadership in the are and lead the international standardization of related technologies. KT has recently manage to establish as “Smart Campus” at Sookmyung Women’s University based on the Internet of Thing technology, which allows for much easier access to services such as library seating reservation and class attendance management utilizing smartphones.

LG Uplus opened the LTE Open innovation center during 2011 in order to provide infrastructure for the Internet of Things-related technologies by universities, laboratories and small business using the LTE network. The company has also though up of a Smart Clean System in which collects and processes food wastes. The cost of garbage disposal can easily paid by a rechargeable transit card.

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