Korea’s Largest Environmental Trade Show “ENVEX 2014″


Korea’s Largest Environmental Trade Show “ENVEX 2014″

An exhibition on environmental product and services shall be held for four days between the dates of June 10th and 13th. The Ministry of Environment stated on June 9th that the ENVEX 2014, the International Exhibition on Environmental Technology and Green Energy, shall be opened at KOEX in Seoul’s Gangnam.


This would be the 36th event and hosted by a total of 270 exhibitors including 84 from 23 countries, these include the United States, China, Indonesia and Itally, as well as 186 domestic ones. The trade show will feature over more than 2,000 environment products and services.

For instance, food garbage disposal units for homes and residential buildings, portable fine dust measuring  instruments, dust blocking mats, water free urinals, eco-friendly LPG cars, electrical vehicles and environmental toxin detectors will be on display.

Furthermore, other  items that shall also include the online volatile organic compound observation system, special blocks for preventing flooding, fine dust collectors, underwater cleaning robots, industrial deodorizers, chemical leak-detecting duct tape, automotive exhaust reduction devices, used monitor glass recycling technology, water treatment membranes, and high-efficiency membrane diffusers.

Show off.

The highlight of the exhibition will be the foreign buyers from the United States, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia invited by the ministry as a way to expand the market for domestic environmental product suppliers. The ministry set the target contract amount for the trade show at 250 billion won.

This is a great way for plenty of domestic companies within South Korea to show off their technologically friendly products to their own countrymen but towards potential foreign customers that they have the stuff they will need, and possibly lead for it to spread farther in the globe.

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