Korea’s Budget Phone Industry Makes Some Huge Advancements.


Korea’s Budget Phone Industry Makes Some Huge Advancements.

While Korea’s three main mobile telecommunication service providers have been under suspension taking turn, the budget phone industry is highly benefiting from this misfortune of the titans. While the three companies have been grounded in playing a zero-sum game, budget phone industry has taken a gigantic leap as another axis in the domestic mobile telecom market.


According to the Korea Telecommunication Operators Association(KTOA) the number of new subscribers to budget phone services was totaled to be around 111,897 during the previous month. To put it simply, around 3,730 people have subscribed to a budget phone service each day statistically, which has made it reach a record high for the industry. The number of new budget phone subscribers were around 69,096 during February and 87,000 during march.

The new increase of daily subscribers have also been nearly doubled. The number of new subscribers which had about 2,000 each passing day before the three telecom companies had wen under a series of suspensions. The number soared up to 3,560 during March 13th, the first day of the suspension, and 3,930 during March 14. It amounted too 3,772 on May 1 and 4,859 on May 2.


During the meantime, the budget phone industry has been interest in attracting customers. in order to keep the momentum, budget phone companies have thought up of a variety of rate plans an diversifying sales channels. Budget phone companies which include Enex Telecom, CH Hello Mobile, and KCT have recently rearrange the budget phone booth at GS25 convenient stores to make the product stand out more for targeted consumer.

The budget phone industry has been busy with their campaing since the time is currently perfect for them to carry out marketing campaigns and promotion in celebration of Children’s day, Parent’s Day, and other holidays throughout the entirety of May.

Another cost effective phone service provider named Prepie is currently promoting “Gold Phone” which has much larger button, quality ringtones and simple radio function as a gift for parents. An exclusive “SOS” button in the backside of the cell phone adds a nice final touch, which may help senior citizens deal with any possible emergencies.

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