Korea’s Acroverse Creative Integrates IBM Cloud Services For Quality Experience.


Korea’s Acroverse Creative Integrates IBM Cloud Services For Quality Experience.

IBM has recently announced that Acroverse Creative, a Korean company that designs mobile interfaces and applications for customers around the world, has chosen IBM cloud to help it expand globally. The company will deploy its File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service on cloud infrastructure from SoftLayer, an IBM company, to improve management of its data by streamlining file transfers for design and content material as it expands into overseas markets.

Acroverse Creative.

Acroverse Creative is a user experience consulting and design company specializing in the mobile and consumer electronics industries. The company develops interfaces and applications for a wide range of products like mobile phones, home appliances, hand held devices and video games players, among others.

Because the mobile development industry moves at such a fast pace, Acroverse Creative needed to build an IT environment that could quickly deliver its services to customers locally as well as to its growing global customer base. The company was looking for a cloud partner with the network presence and expertise to provide support across continents. Acroverse Creative chose SoftLayer because of its multi-continent private network allowing the company to enable its stable and quick economic FTP service for communicating files with overseas customers.

“Speed and agility are critical success factors for our business, and they’re becoming even more important as we compete in a global marketplace. That means we were looking for a strong cloud partner that could support our global vision and strengthen our presence in overseas markets,” said Hajin Kim, Team Manager, Acroverse Creative. “The SoftLayer cloud enables us to build a robust IT environment with less financial investments.”


Acroverse Creative deployed its FTP service on the SoftLayer cloud platform in April after a short nine-day building period. Moving its services to the cloud has improved customer experience by allowing Acroverse Creative’s customers around the world to place orders, upload files, and download files quicker than ever before. IBM helped Acroverse Creative build the existing FTP service on SoftLayer cloud.

Operational efficiency and costs have improved as well. With its quick provisioning and large product and services portfolio, SoftLayer has lowered traffic cost and enhanced Acroverse Creative’s overseas FTP service.

Moving forward, SoftLayer’s global data center footprint – which will include 40 datacenters across five continents in every major financial market around the world by the end of 2014 – and high-speed private network will enable Acroverse Creative to maintain reliable service for customers as it rapidly expands into even more new markets.

“IBM is working with clients of all sizes to help them achieve their global aspirations. Our successful engagement with Acroverse Creative is a testimony to that,” said SeungMin Kim, SoftLayer Business Managing Director, IBM Korea Global Technology Services. “With more and more Korean companies expanding their presence globally, we will meet our customers’ demands by offering the industry’s top public cloud services.”

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