Korean Startup MyRealTrip Raises $980k In Financial Funding.


Korean Startup MyRealTrip Raises $980k In Financial Funding.

A Korea startup that provides overseas travelers with personalized guided tours in their own language, MyRealTrip, has just recently announced their third funding round. SmileGate Ventures led this funding round, contributing over 70% of the funding with Capstone Partners also joining in. This Series A round of funding has provided the boost of almost $980k to help the company develop their very own Android and iOS Mobile application and expanding it to include Chinese travelers visiting Korea, as well as continuing to develop their core user from Korea.


MyRealTrip is an open marketplace for local guides and travelers that offers genuine, modified guiding services. To make things simpler, MyRealTrip provides its user a crowd-sourced tour guide in Korean, for discerning Korean travelers visiting location throughout the world.

Traditional tours are usually devoid of any sort of personal touch and tend to attract travelers into trips that are more focused on a commercial advantage. These package tour tend to pass over the actually experience of a travel destination and have lost touch with the more minded needs of modern travelers. MyRealTrip invites locals with a profound knowledge of their region of local are to upload their own recommendation for tour schedule. Travelers will be able to easily search through a diverse range of bone fide schedule, directly contact the local guide through a newly integrated instant messaging service, and customize the schedule to their needs.

MyRealTrip is able to offer travelers a truly personalized service, with local guides who do not have any sort of interest in showing commercialized location or any sort of businesses.

The business manage to gain a hold of angel funding from one of Korea’s must reputable angel investment groups, Primer, and during the early 2013 raised additional funding round of $350,00 from BonAngel and a number of other Angels.

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