Korea launches Its Approval For Patent Expansion On Apps and Software.


Korea launches Its Approval For Patent Expansion On Apps and Software.

As of recently, an announcement has been made that mobile application and computer software technologies shall be officially protected by patents.


The Korea Intellectual Property Office has recently announced this during the pass week when it was undergoing a revision on patent standards and shall begin granting patent for “Computer Program” claims. A claim that is the extent of the protection conferred by a patent, or the protection sought out in a patent application.

Up until recently, the office had classified a software program as a recording medium, for the sole reason that it was not clear on whether software was an invention or mechanism. Even so, the revision will be mandating upcoming software to be applied as a computer program.


These latest amendments are created to embrace the petition from the software industry which have gone on to demand the cutting down on perfunctory prerequisites for patent application that regard the technology to relive the developers of inconveniences and thereby protected by patents more diverse types of software technology. Before this, over 600 cases have been filed every single year, of which new computer programs such as mobile application could not be secured as they were not included on the list of patent-protected subjects.

An official at the intellectual property office said, “The industry have been quickly steering toward software-centered, but our patent system have not kept up with the trend. The latest revision will open up the ways for domestic software companies to be protected of their innovations and secure competitive power in the international market.”

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