Komli Media Rolls Out A New Social Advertisement Platform.


Komli Media Rolls Out A New Social Advertisement Platform.

Komli Media has recently announced a partnership with Adquant, a social advertising company and Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD). This partnership shall give Komli exclusive rights on offering the Adquant platform across the Asian Pacific region.


This platform shall become available to advertisers and agencies as a solution in markets that also include India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

Vice president of Komli  Media, Matt Sutton stated,“Komli has a well-established and successful social media business that works with over 500 customers across the APAC market. Increasingly, advertisers and agencies are looking for tools with features that allow them to procure social media effectively and efficiently with increased RoI, transparency and reporting capability. Those same advertisers have also been telling us that they need that powerful platform to be armed with servicing and support through a trusted local vendor. We believe this partnership fills that gap in the APAC market and we are thrilled to provide that full suite solution with truly innovative partners like Adquant.”

The Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program recognizes companies that have developed technologies in one or even more of the specialty areas such as pages management solutions, ads management solutions, services and platforms developing socially allowing integration, and tools for page insights analysis.

Adquant very own CEO Joe McCormack, stated, “We are excited to Partner with Komli in the APAC region. When looking for a partner in a region, we look at a lot of factors. We met with Komli and saw not only the scale of their operations in the regions but also the expertise of our industry. We were blown away. When using an enterprise tool such as ours, it is imperative that you get the right support in order to scale your business and we believe customers licensing Adquant through Komli will achieve it.”

This partnership comes along right after other recent announcements made by Komli Media, these include the launch of an integrated re-marketing demand platform.

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