Kirusa Acquires Bangalore-based Startup Cooltok.


Kirusa Acquires Bangalore-based Startup Cooltok.

A leader in voice and social media solution for emerging markets, Kirusa, recently announced that it has managed to acquire the business of Cooltok, also known as Pulsray. As a result of this transaction, Kirusa has acquired all of its technology, employees, and intellectual property of Cooltok.


Bangalore-based and founded by CEO Sreenivas Karanam, the Cooltok team has extensively worked on mobile messaging applications for the mobile device platform, and share Kirusa’s dreams for a mobile connected world. The Cooltok team, which includes the CEO, and co-founders Prakash Kaja and Thomas Mathew, will be joining Kirusa’s office in Bangalore.

Kirusa develops voice and social media mobile application for upcoming markets. Kirusa’s InstaVoice application offers a amazing user experience for mobile users by seamlessly integrating telecom messaging such as SMS, voice SMS, missed calls and voicemail, with OTT messaging such as text pictures, location, videos, and group chat, through its partnerships with over dozens of mobile carriers around the world.


Currently available on the Google Play store, The Cooltok application shares similar goals with InstaVoice. With this acquisition, Kirusa is looking towards accelerating realizations of its vision of bring the next generation of messaging application that deliver unparalleled value to mobile users, made possible by working together with mobile carriers around the world. The acquisition also strengthen Kirusa’s intellectual property within the mobile applications space.

Sreenivas Karanam, Founder and CEO, Cooltok, added, “The IP based technologies that we developed for mobile apps, when combined with the product portfolio of Kirusa and the reach of its partner base across continents, will enable us to address a huge opportunity going forward. We are excited to join Kirusa and be a part of its vision to be the leader in this space.”

Commenting on this recent acquisition, Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO, Kirusa, says, “The technology developed by Cooltok’s team, as well as their knowledge and experience, will be invaluable in delivering the third wave of messaging apps that look to combine the benefits of the carrier services with the benefits of the OTT services. Kirusa is expanding globally and we will continue to make use of opportunities for partnerships and acquisitions that will help us realize our vision of providing seamless messaging and social media experience to all mobile users, regardless of their devices, and regardless of their mobile network.”

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