KineMaster, One Of the Best Video Editing App for Androids.


KineMaster, One Of the Best Video Editing App for Androids.

A video editing application for Android smartphones has begun to gain massive popularity among users with its simple-to-use user interface.


KineMaster, the only Android video editing application for professional, was chosen to be the “app of the week” by Google Play Store. As of now, it has gained the honer as one of “the most powerful video editing application for Android” by an IT magazine Computer World.

At the moment, it has garnered positive responses from the user with its editing functions making it possible to edit the videos in detail with a variety of functions and simple touches available on smartphones. Especially, its enhanced powers lie in using full HD video without any changes, allowing multitrack timeline, speed change of the video and various transition effect and extracting audio from the video with a simple touch.


The application provides a wide assortment of video editing features, theses include theme selection, scene changes, handwriting, stickers, background music and photo addition, which are used to create amazing and exciting video content. This premium video editor helps smartphone user to experience the performance of video editors that are usually only available for desktop computers.

With these powerful features, KineMaster is replacing the PC-based video editing software market as its used in the video producing classes or corporate public relations videos and even music videos, not to mention of individuals user making videos out of simple fun.

An official at Nextreaming, the developer of the app, said, “We have accumulated video editing technologies since 2005 when we provided video editing software to Pantech. KineMaster is the integration of the all the related technologies and its usage is explosively growing thanks to the smartphone expansion.”

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