Kamcord Captures A Total amount of $7.1M Funding To Expand Towards Asia.


Kamcord Captures A Total amount of $7.1M Funding To Expand Towards Asia.

San Francisco-based Kamcord, an Android and iOS mobile gameplay recording and sharing platform, has recently announced that its secured a total of $7.1 million in Series A funding led by TransLink Capital, with participation from the new investors DeNa, M&Y Growth Partners, KLaband, SV Angel, as well as currently existing investors XG Ventures, Innovation Works, and Mark Williamson.


The startup had previously managed to gain a total of $1 million financial funding from Tencent and Kai-Fu Lee’s Innovation Works during last years August 2013. That alone has should have been viewed as Kamcord, which was originally fit for iOS games, was amount to make a move within the Asian market, while taking on a worldwide expansion.

A month afterwards, A version for the Android was launched in beta mode, with the reasons behind this being just as simple to conclude, that being the larger market in Asia when it comes down to Android devices, especially in regions such as, China, South Korea and Japan.

During and Interview with various sources, Co-founder of Kamcord, Aditya Rathnam, stated, “The gaming culture in all Asian countries is very rich. This really resonated when I went to Japan.” He added that when he was in the US, he had to constantly explain why people would want to record videos of in-app mobile gameplay. In Japan, there was just no need to. “Everyone understood,” he continued.

Isao Moriyasu, CEO of DeNA, also agreed. He stated, “Partnering with Kamcord offers our players a unique way to capture and share video of their in-game achievements on social media channels and Kamcord’s mobile app to deliver a more engaging gameplay experience.”

The Japanese firm is behind the ownership of Mobage, a social gaming portal for mobile users.

Even with Kamcord main focus is expanding its presence into China, Japan and South Korea, Rathnam has pointed out that the team is search for ways to better understand the Southeast Asia and work with the gaming developers within this region.

Massive views.

Currently, the platform has continued to draw in a massive amount of engagement. According to an official statement, users are now sharing one video every two seconds with Kamcord. Over more than a million videos have been shared during this past month alone. He further elaborated that over 30 percent of all users click to download a game every day.

Some games to have been features on Kamcord included Mini Carnival, which has seen a 3.5 percent views results in a comment, and 11 percent of views resulted from a ‘like’ on the platform, and Battle Camp, whose user-generated in-game videos have garnered more than one million shares in less than six months.

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