KakaoTalk Launches A Native Client For Mac Users.


KakaoTalk Launches A Native Client For Mac Users.

Following its recent announcement of a merger between Korea’s second-largest internet portal Daum, the messenger application creator Kakao isnt stopping the current momentum. It has recently made their KakaoTalk become available for Mac users through a newly launched native desktop Mac client, and introduced a newly featured search chat of users on the PCs.


This beta version of KakaoTalk for the Mac is currently available in Korea and English, with features that include a full sync between mobile and Mac, friends list, chat rooms, emoticons, and the capability to receive files any format, this can be really quite useful for having to send Word or Excel documents,or even photos and videos that have not been taken on mobile. Kakao stated that more features shall include a search chat and the capability to send files will be featured on the mac sometime “soon” as well.

At the current moment, Kakao has launched a new search chat feature, currently its only been introduced for its Windows PC client only. This allows the user to search through any conversation by keyword and find every single relevant message that’s been sent or received in a specific chatroom in reverse chronological order. This feature will only arrive for the mobile application at a later time during this year, Kakao stated.


This recent launch has brought KakaoTalk to gain the same foothold as its Japanese competitor, the messaging application LINE, which already contains a desktop clients or both Mac and Windows users. As of lately, its Chinese competitor, the messaging application WeChat, has also launched their own desktop version for the Mac as well.

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