Jooto, The management Tool targeting Japanese Businessmen.


Jooto, The management Tool targeting Japanese Businessmen.

While it may be true that startups and freelances can be a bit more spacious and flexible, there still in danger of falling behind in task management if team members work different locations or are having communication issues.There are a variety of business tools available for message or knowledge sharing, but people still tend to find themselves taking notes down or scribbling on post-its and sticking them around the office. This is no way for someone to share their updates with team members efficiently at all.


In order to fix this conundrum, a new task management tool had emerged earlier within the year, featuring a gorgeous interface and drag-and-drop operability. Its been dubbed as Jooto. The development team has continued to improve on the application based on feedback from test users since its launching of the closed beta previously in January.

While the application may be unique in its own way, the team behind it are also worthy og mention. they have their design and operation team based in Singapore, system development in Hanoi, but they have chosen to target the Japanese market only. Which is quite interesting since their marketing team is not based in Tokyo, but instead on a remote island by the name of Ishigaki, at the south-western end of the Japanese archipelago.

Own Way.

The head of Nano Marketing, Tomoko Devidal, who manages the application marketing efforts, told us why there operation is being performed in this manner:

Since our app Jooto is developed for multilingual use, our global expansion is not so challenging from an engineering perspective. But since every startup has limited resources, we have to narrow our marketing focus. The app was developed bySkipforward in Singapore, a place where we couldn’t see a huge market opportunity. That’s why we decided on Japan as our initial target.

Regardles of the fact that they’ve of yet to localize the languages other than Japanese and English, they have gained some attention from internet users in Korea because of the highly intuitive user experience.

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