Jigsaw Academy’s Analytics Reaches a Grand Success.


Jigsaw Academy’s Analytics Reaches a Grand Success.

Jigsaw Academy is a reputed online training academy, that has a variety of Analytics and Big Datacourses. Being an online academy, they do not often get an opportunity to meet their students face to face. Last month, they organized a Jigsaw Analytics Meet (JAM) in Bangalore, with the objective of getting together as many of their students as possible to meet, interact and connect with each other, the Jigsaw team and some industry experts.


The event held at the Catholic Club Bangalore was well attended by more than 50 students. The day started with Gaurav Vohra, CEO of Jigsaw welcoming everyone. This was followed by a session on Career Planning in Analytics by well-known veterans in the analytics industry, Bhasker Gupta, founder of Analytics India Magazine and Santosh Nair, Founder and MD of Analytic Edge. The attendees had an opportunity to ask lots of questions about the analytics industry and the speakers gave them some really useful and relevant insights as to where the industry is headed and what budding data analysts can do to begin a career in analytics.

Certificates of completion were then given to Jigsawites Vivek Murugesan, Amit Patil, Sandeep Mishra, Manikandan T V and Santosh VJ who recently completed courses with Jigsaw. This was followed by a focus group session, where Jigsaw mentors sat down with groups of students and got their feedback on Jigsaw courses, delivery, content, the virtual lab and the learning management system. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to interact with their mentors and vice versa.

After a fun little quiz on Analytics Company Logos, Jigsawites Smitha Thenkanidiyur and Clarence Wong then shared their experiences of working in the analytics industry. They gave some excellent tips on how to ace interviews, how to keep your edge in the workplace and how you need to constantly upskill yourself, so that you always have the skills the industry wants.


The grand finale was a session by Gaurav Vohra on Big Data. Big Data is an exploding field today Gaurav’s session focused on explaining to all what the term really entails, while giving relevant examples and going through all the popular tools and technologies that are setting the industry abuzz.

“JAM was a very fulfilling event for Team Jigsaw. Meeting our students and engaging with them face to face felt great. Through our focus groups and discussions we also gained some valuable insights about student expectations and experiences. There is nothing like collecting data first hand!” says Sarita Digumarti, COO of Jigsaw.

“I loved meeting my mentor and the support staff who have always been there to help me out during my course. I also really enjoyed meeting other Jigsawites and sharing our experiences. These kind of meets add a lot of value as you get to interact and connect with others in the industry. This helps you to get a better pulse of where the industry is headed and what you can do to enhance your career in analytics.” Sandeep Mishra, Jigsawite.

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