JD.Com Launches Their Very Own Crowdfunding Platform.


JD.Com Launches Their Very Own Crowdfunding Platform.

Crowdfunding is still a fledgling within the Asia, and that especially true for China. Though there are quite the few local firms that have cropped up, the concept hasn’t really launched off as it has in the West yet, with major sites that include Kickstarter and Indiegogo still not having a presence within those country.


Giant e-commerce firm JD.com has recently decide to become a frontrunner for this space by launched off their very own crowdfunding platform, dubbed the “Coufenzi” ( which translates to whip-round). This new platform is being managed by JD Finance, which offers internet finance service for its customers.

Making their grand debut on  Coufenzi are 12 crowdfunding campaigns, of which sever are smart hardware products,. This comes along right after JD.come recently launched their cloud platform to help manufacturers in the ‘internet of things’ sector come up with much more appealing products for online consumers, with a spokesperson unveiling that its use of big data will help manufacturers understand consumers needs.

Screen Shot 2014 07 02 at 2.28.13 pm 730x507 Alibabas rival JD.com pushes crowdfunding in China by launching its own platform


It’s quite fitting for an e-commerce firm such as JD to be behind a crowdfunding platform, as its not only lets the company gain insight onto what kind of products are currently popular and may eventually be placed up for sale on the main site, it also allows customers a chance to expose themselves onto new products, or even start their very own project if they see a gap within the market.

It remains to be seen if this crowdfunding platform will be able to help JD stand out, given that the donation culture within China, is still very little to none existent. Although, the platform does complement JD’s other offerings mostly that of the smart hardware section, and could have a chance of gaining popularity within China before other major Western crowdfunding sites eye the Chinese market.

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