Japan’s Tower Defense Game, Battle Cats, Surpasses 9Million Downloads


Japan’s Tower Defense Game, Battle Cats, Surpasses 9Million Downloads

More and more tower defense games are appearing on the mobile gaming market. Japan’s Battle Cats recently announced that they surpassed 9 million downloads. Battle Cats is a Japanese mobile game where users fight other players by leading cats army. Developed by a company based in Kyoto named Ponos.

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Battle Cats is similar to Clash of Clans and other tower defense games except it is with cats. You can create a cat army and battle other cat bosses. It’s a pretty fun game and I enjoyed messing around with it as well. Throughout the game, you train your army and grow your base, then you select places to attack and conquer new levels.

The game itself has some unique cute graphics that look like sketches. When you get to a higher level and start attacking bigger cat bosses, the graphics will start to look clunky mainly due to the amount of objects that occur on the screen at once. The game itself is quite addicting and quite unique.

About a year ago, the company started selling Battle Cats merchandise such as bags and toys. The sales went quite well and a lot of people were interested in supporting the brand. At the time, they also released coffee mugs, iphone straps, case design and many other merchandise that included cute cats as their primary brand.

Unlike other Japanese mobile game companies, most of Battle Cats’ players grew virally. In the beginning, they did not mass promote on TV advertisement or online advertisement. People were sharing the game with their friends and that is how the app grew so strong. Recently though, they released a couple of online and TV advertisement promotions to boost the brand exposure a little bit more. Results have been quite well.

The company did not disclose their revenue for the game, but the executives mentioned that the game is doing quite well in terms of revenue. You can buy cat food and cat upgrades directly from the in game store to boost your army’s strength. Most people play the game due to the unique graphics and addicting gameplay.

Battle Cats is only available in the Japanese language, but you can try it out on both the App store and Play Store. We will be seeing some new updates coming soon with the popularity that is currently gaining.

Check out Battle Cats website here: http://www.ponos.co.jp/pc/

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