Japan’s Front Office Scheduling App Coubic Raises $500,000


Japan’s Front Office Scheduling App Coubic Raises $500,000

Coubic announced recently that the Tokyo based startup raised $500,000 led by DCE and GREE Ventures. Coubic is a front office application that allows customers to book appointments with your business directly from your website. Coubic is a simple and straight forward way for allowing your customers to book appointments with you. Regardless if you are a freelancer or if you own a hair salon shop, customers can easily land on your page and fill in their information and needs.


The strongest point about Coubic is how simple the application is to set up and use. Coubic is the best solution for those that do not want to deal with technical mess or waste time setting up a bunch of forms for their website. Another strong point is that Coubic can replace all of your front office workers, which will save you a lot of time and money for your business.

The first thing you would need to do is set up an account that literally takes 5 minutes to set up. After you set it up a customer can go to a link and fill in their information directly on the site. If you have an Iphone, a notification will be sent to you as soon as a customer makes a booking. From there you can transfer it to your other customer relationship management client or send it to your Google calendar for reminder and updates.

In addition to that Coubic also allows people to view how many times that specific customer’s history. For example if you run a dental clinic, it will show exactly when was the customer’s last visit and how many times the customer paid a visit to you. You can also view how long its been since the customer visited you and what was their previous needs or comments. This can be all done directly from your phone. You can also set up this directly as apart of your website.

The startup was able to gain a lot of brick and motor customers such as Yoga teachers, car dealers, hair salons and many more businesses that require customer booking. From the app you can also make a follow up call back to the customer right away so that you can keep your customer happy. As of now, Coubic is mainly focused towards small-medium businesses and do not have plans for expanding to the bigger enterprises yet.

Coubic is currently available in English, Korean, and Japanese. The startup have plans for expanding to other big countries in Asia such as China. They believe that their main strategy will be to target the Asian countries first, then expand globally to the West afterwards. Most of the funding will be used to hire more people for a global expansion around Asia.

As of now all of their plans are free. Their starting plan is free regardless, but their other paid plans are currently free as well. Give it a try and increase your customer acquisition rate!

To learn more about Coubic or to try it out visit their site directly here: https://coubic.com/ 

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