Japan’s Crowd Cast Teams Up With UK-based SpendVision.


Japan’s Crowd Cast Teams Up With UK-based SpendVision.

Tokyo-based startup Crowd Cast are developers of a mobile application that helps business people complete their expense reimbursement at their companies. In an effort to further expand its business beyond japan, the startup has recently announced earlier within the week that it has managed to partner up with UK expense firm SpendVision.


The company has also set some plans into motion of integrating its solution with SpendVision’s platform that matches the expense history with credit card billion and submits it to accounting for approval. Crowd Cast will also be developing a solution alongside SpednVision and Start an International expansion focused on Europe and Asia.

Founder and CEO of Crowd Casts, Takashi Hoshikawa had explained:

By tying up with a global company like SpendVision, we can even beat Concur, the leading company in this space. I believe financial technology is a space where Japanese startups can defeat US companies.


Crowd Cast launches an expense reimbursement iOS application that’s called Biznote Expense during the late previous year, introducing an Android version during the previous month as well. They are planning to establish an office branch within London sometime later this year, Primarily for the purpose of hiring talented people and learning more about cutting edge trends from the worldwide financial hub.

Crowd Cast had previously managed to gain a secured funding round, for an still currently undisclosed amount of financial funding from Yayaoi KK, which can be formally better known as Intuit Japan. This has lead them to not only expanding their services in a very far range, but gained them a market share of accounting software with nearly 70% for a small business space within Japan.


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