Japan-based Merrybiz Launches its Web App.


Japan-based Merrybiz Launches its Web App.

Merrybiz a Japan-based startup that provides a crowdsourced bookkeeping service for companies. The company announced recently that it has renewed its service line-up and launched a web interface. Coinciding with this, the company has rebrandded its name from Libv K.K. to Merry Biz Inc.


MerryBiz initially launched during October 2012 and raised a fund of 55 million yen ($550,000) from Mitsui sumitomo Insurance Venture Capital during May. In their previous service, until recently, when user mailed a portion of receipts for company expenses to the company, they subsequently e-mailed back a list of expense records of a user preferred file format, such as Excel, CSV, or importable format for other online accounting platform likey MoneyForward. With he launch of the new web application this time around, user can download these files anytime they wish, as well as browse scanned images of recorded receipts especially when user or their accountant, need to confirm evidence for any company expenses they have paid.



While several other startups providing a similar function within this space already exist, such as Dr.Wallet’s “Receipt Bin” or Crowdcast. It makes one wonder what advantages MerryBiz has over all of these other startups? In response to this questioning, the company own founder and CEO Hiroki Kudo elaborated:

For those who are less familiar with bookkeeping, the categorization process of expenses is quite difficult. So we hired certified public accountants with over three years of experience in this field as our crowdsourced workers. We can also accept your requests that are unique to your company, such as a certain type of expense for dining with someone that should be categorized as a meeting expense.

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