Japan-based Housekeeping Startup Casey Secures Funding For an Expansion.


Japan-based Housekeeping Startup Casey Secures Funding For an Expansion.

The startup that offers crowdsourced housekeeping services under the a similar name, Japan-based Casy, has recently officially launched their services and along with it brought an announcement of them managing to raise a currently undisclosed amount of investment from Japanese startup incubator Beenos.


With a duo of husbands and wife living in more than 60% of all households held within the country. This is a situation that has lead towards an expansion of the Japanese housekeeping market, which has manage to reach over $960 million FY 2012 and shows nearly a 20% annual growth.

Even though most people tend to belives that they have manage to grasp a very well balance between their work and family, only those of high-income households are utilizing housekeeping service since they can still be as expansive of up to $40 to $50 per hour.


Casy’s very own CEO Hiroki Ikeda, had seen the potential behind this because he himself has his own child but both himself and his wife have jobs. he stated this situation was what prompted them from launching the service.

I’ve used several housekeeping services, they typically asked me to sign many forms before closing the deal, and I was weary. I felt wary because I couldn’t understand how they could try to match the personality of a housekeeper they arranged to sent me with my needs


Compared to that of currently existing services within this industry, Casy has stated that they have three key differences from other businesses:

  1. Available for as low as 2,500 yen ($25) per hour – This was made possible by eliminating wasteful processes and improving operations.
  2. Online booking available for 24 hours a day – Clients can complete your reservation within one to two minutes using your desktop or smartphone.
  3. Stringently selected housekeepers – The company conducts an interview with every single housekeeper before they hire him/her. Clients can ask them to show them the profile of a housekeeper before they order them to send  him/her. By doing this over again, the more times clients use the service, the more accurately they can send you a housekeeper who is likely to fit your needs.

During the time of the launching, available services have included cleaning living room, bathroom, kitchen and much more. Beginning with the central area of Tokyo, they have plans to expand service are towards more cities gradually and hire even more housewives, as housekeepers.

In order to commemorate this successful launch, the company has decided to run a promotional campaign where user can receive a discount when they or there friends sign up for the service.

家事代行サービス CaSy(カジー)

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