Japan-based Growth Hacking Startup Kaizen Platform Gains New CFO.


Japan-based Growth Hacking Startup Kaizen Platform Gains New CFO.

Tokyo-based Kiazen Platform, the startup that operates web application A/B testing service PlanBCD, has recently announced during this past Wednesday that it has changed its corporate identity and has brought in a former investment bank by the name of Yuichi Shigeie as CFO. Previously before joining the team, he’d been working with JP Morgan for 13 for years and also running the company’s investment banking operation as an executive director.

Change and CFO.

Happening along side of this, Fidelity Growth Parnters Japan’s David Milstein and Gree Venture’s Tatsuo Tsutsumi also joined Kaizen’s board of management . Previously, Kaizen platform had managed to secure over $5 million from these investment companies back in March for a business expansion into the United States Market.

Along with the recent changes of its own brand name, the company had also went on to change their corporate logo at this time. The co-founder and CEO Kenji Sudo spoke on the reason behind this recent change and what caused the it too happen along with the invitation for its new CFO:

We’re exploring funding opportunities from the global market. Furthermore, I expect him to better manage our team in Tokyo since I’ll be mostly based in the US from now on. We are professional in engineering but he has a background totally different from what we have. That’s why I believe his unique perspective will help us a lot gain our management level.

The company will have quite the interesting story behind them when they begin their expansion into the US market and any upcoming investment done within the global markets.


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